AR product

Our product is a multi-user infotainment AR platform for retail spaces, e.g. retail stores, exhibition and shopping centers, stadiums and movie theaters. It blends the physical and online experience of the visitor. The venues can make money by selling AR ads and improving efficiency of shelving and shopping. The visitors can have a pleasant stay using their own iOS and Android phones to find places, products and friends, get info, play games together etc.

The venue will get a Content Management System (CMS) and can easily place product locations & info, AR ads, paths, objects and games in mid-air. The visitors can simply enjoy all the results – their old life will be boring after this!



AR features for the visitor are simple, yet brilliant!

  • Use your own iOS or Android phone or tablet
  • Navigate & find: products, product groups, booths, cafés, WCs etc.
  • Find friends: real-time locations of users
  • Experience the Immersal: a full-blown 360° multi-user AR world
  • Play, get game coins, level-up!

And it works right now, unlike your other AR stuff. There you had it, competitors!

Technical overview

Our AR product is built on Unity – the world’s most used game engine – and uses our own custom tracking technologies and ARKit (and other visual and inertial odometry tech as needed). The AR product uses our own massively multi-user (MMU) server technology that scales for billions of users and provides real-time, multi-user experience.

Current happy customers

Our current customers include Messukeskus Helsinki Ltd., the larges exhibition center in Finland with 1.2M yearly vistors and Finnkino Ltd., the biggest movie theater chain in Finland (part of AMC, the biggest movie theater chain in the world).

OK, how does the venue make money with our product?

The platform enables sales of AR commercials to the venues. E.g. retail stores s can sell AR commercial slots. Also the clerks can free themselves from being tour guides to the visitors trying to find products. And there’s more: because the visitors enjoy their visit, they tend to come back and not stay home and browse the web.

What about the content?

Simple AR content and ads can be modified by anyone using the Immersal Content Management System (CMS). More advanced content can be produced with Unity, which has more than a million monthly users creating intriguing content for it. The AR content can be placed and published to the venue accurately with the CMS.

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Examples of AR ad customer cases