Join us!

OMG there are open positions!


Although we are a secretive company, we are willing to admit that we would like to hire two(2) new employees and pamper them with all kinds of option programs etc. We are also looking for freelancers and partner companies for AR content production. Here goes:

1.  A Filthy Rich Mobile Developer

  • Good knowledge of basic software development practices and tools (agile methodologies, version control systems, issue tracking, testing and continuous integration).
  • Strong programming and language skills
  • Experience in different mobile platforms (Android and iOS)
  • 3D programming skills, 3D math and 3D APIs.
  • Mobile and game engine middleware and frameworks, primarily Unity.
  • We don’t have decent cars so we would like to use yours

2.  Co-founder Super Coder Guru with “Fuck You All” Attitude

  • You can code anything and computers are afraid of you.
  • You have 10+ years of experience and/or you are so good that you can lie that you have it.
  • You want 20 % of our company (not that we would give to you if we don’t feel like it)

3.  Freelancers and Companies Needed for AR Content Production

  • You work independently and don’t cry: “Mother!” when going gets tough.
  • You are a Unity expert
  • You are used to customer work
  • You know the secrets of real-time graphics

If you fit one or all of these descriptions please contact us at devnull[at] but don’t tell anyone! Now go do some work, you look stupid (yes, we can see you through your camera).