Augmented Reality product

Our product is an awesome shared infotainment AR platform for large venues.



  • Navigate: find booths, cafés, WCs etc.
  • Find friends: real-time locations of users
  • Search: e.g. all shops/booths with certain product
  • Experience the Immersal: a full-blown 360° AR world
  • Play, get game coins, level-up!

Aaaaand it works right now, unlike your other AR stuff. There you had it, competitors!

AR Commercials platform

The platform enables sales of AR commercials to the Venues. E.g. exhibition centers can sell AR commercials for the exhibitors, shopping centers for the stores etc.

But where can I get mi content from, young Mister?

The AR content and ads can be produced by anyone using Unity, which has millions of people creating content with it every day. The AR content can be placed to the venue accurately with our super-easy custom tool.

Buy now – hesitation will cause you to look foolish

If you have lots of money and want to pimp you venue with awesome AR stuff, why don’t you drop us a mail: Tell them that Jufo said you can get 10 % off.